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Roanoke Water Softener Installation

Say Goodbye to Hard Water Today in Salem, VA

Hard water in your home can cause a host of problems from minor annoyances like water spots on dishes, soap scum buildup in your shower, tub, faucets, and shower heads to more serious problems like damage to your home's plumbing system and appliances.

Fortunately, our professional plumbers at Ostrom Electrical Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning can install the best water softeners available. We highly recommend the Sterling Premium, the Sterling Space Saver, and the Sterling High Efficiency models. By recharging only when the softener's hardness-removing capacity is low, these models use less water and salt than standard, metered softeners.

To learn more about our water softeners in Roanoke, give us a call at (540) 253-1559 or contact us online. We serve all residents throughout Southwest Virginia.

What Can Soft Water Do for You?

Our plumbers are confident that one of Sterling’s great products will meet the needs of your family and your budget.

See the benefits waiting for you when you install a water softener:

  • Dishes, china, silverware, and glasses will be spot-free and shiny clean
  • Your skin and hair will feel smoother after bathing
  • Clothes will be a lot cleaner and softer
  • Fixtures, tubs, and showers will have no spots, streaks, and scum
  • Your plumbing, appliances, and fixtures will be protected from hard water buildup

If you would like more information about the benefits of a water softener in your home or if you would like to have one of our experienced plumbers install one today, give us a call.

Let’s Get Started Today

Our professional plumbers are ready to help you with all your water softener needs. Whether you are looking to install or repair an existing water softener, we are the right experts to call. All our services come with a fixed, upfront cost and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Contact (540) 253-1559 or submit an online form online to schedule an appointment with our Roanoke plumbers.

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