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Drain Cleaning For Roanoke and Southwest VA

We’ll Unclog All Your Drains FAST!

Drain Cleaning RoanokeAt Ostrom we understand that a clogged kitchen drain, overflowing toilet or backed up floor drain are real emergencies that can't wait. That’s why we have highly trained Plumbers ready to help solve the toughest drain problems.

Our professional Plumbers will quickly access the situation and give you the exact cost of all drain repairs before any work begins. Then, when the work is completed the area will be thoroughly cleaned. Your satisfaction is guaranteed 100%.

5 Tips To Prevent A Clogged Drain
  1. Install and regularly clean a hair filter in the drain.  Hair clogs pipes.
  2. Only put toilet paper in the toilet. Toss paper towels and feminine products in the garbage.
  3. Dispose of all food waste in the garbage.  Food clogs pipes.
  4. Avoid heavy oil, grease, fats or other dishes that congeal.
  5. Watch the kids! Toys in the toilet can be a real problem.
If you would like more information about drain cleaning give us a call. It’s Your Home, Trust Ostrom.
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