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Roanoke Appliance and Electronics Wiring

Roanoke Appliance WiringPicture this. You shop for a new electric dryer or electric range. You bring it home and then discover you can’t use it because your home is not properly wired. Now what?

You need an electrician from Ostrom. To assure proper function of your new electric appliances we’ll make sure your new appliances are properly connected to your electrical system. Installed improperly your appliance may not function or it could result in potential damage to the appliance or to your existing electrical wiring.

Dedicated Circuit

Some appliances are required to have a dedicated circuit. A dedicated circuit is a line that runs straight from the electrical panel to the appliance. Nothing else is “plugged in” to that line. There’s a reason for this. Dedicated circuits manage the flow of electricity in your home. Imagine if everything was running off of one circuit. The lights would dim and flicker every time someone flipped a light switch or turned on the microwave.

How do you know if your new appliance or electrical device would benefit from its own dedicated circuit? Ask a professional at Ostrom. Many of the items below would benefit from a dedicated circuit.
  • Washers and dryers
  • Flat screen TVs
  • Cooling systems
  • Heating systems
  • Outdoor/landscape lighting
  • Generators
  • Pool pumps, heaters, and hot tubs
If you need more information about dedicated circuits or would like an Ostrom technician to properly install your new appliance, give us a call. It’s Your Home, Trust Ostrom.

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