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How a Sump Pump Protects Your Basement

Sump Pumps and Your Basement

If you have a basement, you know it’s treated a bit differently than other areas of your home. Even if it’s furnished, you probably have your HVAC system there, some long-term storage, or large, bulky items.

Your basement is also vulnerable to flooding, both from outside and inside. And it’s especially difficult to remove water from the basement since it is underground. That’s where a sump pump comes in. Here’s how this tool can be such an asset for your home.

The Risk To Your Basement

Depending on where you live, your home may be at risk for floods. Flood risk is incredibly selective, as, within risk areas, different homes will experience flooding differently. It’s important that you assess your home for risk, and if needed, call in an expert to see what precautions are necessary.

Floods can also originate from inside the home. If you live in a climate where pipes freeze, you may be at risk of a burst pipe. A burst pipe can leave devastating damage in its path, and a sump pump can help keep your basement safe.

What is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is a machine that processes and removes water from inside your basement. Water is collected in a bin, and then a mechanical pump sends the water through a pipe that empties outdoors. The pump helps defy gravity by lifting water up and out of your underground space.

There are different types of sump pumps available, and both electricity and batteries can power them. Sump pumps should always be installed by a qualified professional to ensure they work properly and are safe.

Sump pumps are easy to maintain and test. All you have to do is dump a bucket of water into the basket to ensure the system is removing water. Some models also have an alert system that will notify you when water backs up, indicating a problem with the system. At Ostrom Electrical Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning, we can set you up with a water detection sensor that can connect your smartphone and alert you to floods.

Expert Sump Pump Repair & Installation

When you need a sump pump for your basement, have it installed by the experts at Ostrom Electrical Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning. When you go with us, it’s all about you! Call us today at (540) 685-4040 to schedule an appointment.

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