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Furnace Making Strange Noises? Here's What They Could Mean

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Troubleshooting Strange Furnace Noises

If you have an older furnace, you’ve likely heard unusual noises over time, which can become more common as the furnace gets older. However, most new furnaces are designed to run very quietly, so any noises should be investigated.

Here are some of the noises you may hear from your furnace and the possible causes:

  1. Screeching noises. If you hear a screeching noise coming from your furnace, it could be a problem with the motor, such as a worn bearing.

  2. Pinging and popping. Pinging or popping sounds often happen when the air ducts expand and contract and are usually not a sign of a problem.

  3. Vibrating or whining noises. This can indicate a serious problem with the furnace, such as a loose motor mount, that you should have a technician check as soon as possible.

  4. Crackling sounds. When the furnace shuts down the hot metal parts will often make a crackling sound as they cool down. This is usually not an indication of a problem.

  5. Booming sounds. Loud booming sounds may come from air ducts as they expand and contract in very cold weather, especially when a basement is unheated. It can also indicate the furnace has dirty burners that should be serviced by a heating technician.

If these sounds are accompanied by a blower that is turning on and off more frequently or the furnace is blowing cool air, contact Ostrom Electrical, Plumbing, Heating & Air. We can service all furnace makes and models!

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