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Heater Nightmares

Halloween is upon us; and, with that comes some serious tricks and treats. From spooky decor to tangy candies and from horror movies to dangerously decadent chocolates, this holiday really is the best of both worlds. Pranking and spooking come with the territory; however, when good fun turns into real nightmares…the Halloween spirit gets a bit crushed.

Don’t let these heater malfunctions interrupt your holiday happenings. Stay aware of these tell-tale signs your heater is headed towards breakdown:

You Smell Something Foul

If you notice a burning odor emanating from your heating appliance, you must have this checked out as soon as possible. Your heating system may have an electrical or mechanical malfunction that is jeopardizing both your heating efficiency and your safety. When you smell something burning… fire hazards become a real threat. Turn your system off until a professional technician comes for inspections.

You Hear Unnerving Noises

Apart from rumbling when your system switches on and off… your heater should not be banging, clanking, or screeching throughout its operation. If you are hearing strange sounds coming from your appliance, you likely have a loose part bouncing around in there or a heater belt that needs replacing.

You Experience Hot & Cold Pockets In Your Home

Suddenly feel a cold spot in your home? Worried a ghost is walking your halls and passing through you? If you are feeling hot and cold pockets throughout your space, have your ductwork checked for leaks or blockages. Uneven heating is typically caused by implications in your ducting rather than a problem with your heating system itself.

Your Heater Is Turning On & Off By Itself

No, your home is not haunted. Rather, your heating network is short cycling. Short cycling occurs when your system overheats. If your heater is frequently turning on and off, you are subject to major malfunctions. Not to mention, heating your home is demanding an inordinate amount of power, increasing your utilities. And, there is nothing scarier than an extra zero at the end of your monthly energy bill.

For heater repairs and replacement, contact Ostrom Electrical Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning at (540) 685-4040! We are here to help you rest assured that your home is not haunted—it is just in need of some simple expertise!

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