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Your Winter Electrical Check-Up [Infographic]

Your Winter Electrical Check-Up

Winter is right around the corner, and with that comes the increased usage of your electrical system. The increased burden on your home's electricity mixed with the hazardous weather conditions can be a recipe for disaster. To help prevent any potential accidents, we have created a winter checklist to help you make sure your home is winter-ready.

Check Your Electrical Wiring

Having a licensed technician check your wires, plugs, outlets, and sockets to ensure that everything is up to code and working correctly. Your home's wiring can become weathered over time and potentially put your family in danger.

Testing Circuit Breakers

Testing your circuit breaker is essential to learning the flow of electricity in a circuit breaker panel. A broken circuit breaker can put your home at increased risk of an electrical overload. An overload can cause a short circuit and can potentially cause a fire.

Checking Fire Alarms and Smoke Detectors

When performing your winter electrical check-up, you should test your smoke alarms and fire detectors to ensure they're in working order. These early warning devices are essential for warning your family about fire and dangerous smoke.

Check for Leaks

As we are warned from an early age, water and electricity are a lethal mix. During snowy winter months, leaks can become a big problem for your home's electrical panels and outlets. Ensure that you clean your home's gutters in order to stop rainwater from spilling into your home or basement.

Replace Broken Outlet Covers

Outlet covers are essential to protecting you and your family from exposed electrical wires. If your outlet covers are cracked or not correctly installed, you should replace them ASAP.

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