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4 Warning Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Service

Newer central air conditioners will offer years of trouble-free service. Some will run so quietly that you may not notice them at all. Often, an AC system will provide some clues that there is a potential problem that could lead to repairs down the road. By paying attention to the symptoms of a malfunction and fixing the small problems right away, you can avoid an unexpected breakdown and costly repairs in the future.

1. The AC is Making Strange Noises

A central air conditioner will normally make some noise while it's operating. If you hear unusual sounds like knocking, pinging, rattling or screeching, don't ignore them. It may indicate that there are loose or worn parts that are about to fail.

2. Your Utility Bill Is Unexpectedly High

Air conditioners generally become less efficient as they get older, making annual maintenance all the more important. As the system runs more to keep the temperature the same, your utility bill will also increase. If you see a sudden spike in energy usage that seems higher than usual, have the unit inspected to ensure there are no problems. Usually, the cost of fixing the small problems will pay for itself with lower utility bills.

3. All Or Some Areas of the Home Are Not Comfortable, Even When You Lower the Thermostat

If the AC is not able to keep up with demand, or the air from the register feels warmer than it should, the unit may be low on refrigerant or have a blocked, frozen or leaking evaporation coils.

4. The Air Is Cold, But The House Is Too Humid

Humid air can be a sign of leaking air ducts, an AC unit that is not properly sized for the home, a frozen condenser coil or another problem. Your HVAC technician can diagnose the cause and recommend solutions.

If you're experiencing any of the above problems with your central air conditioner, give Ostrom a call. We can help diagnose the cause and recommend solutions to fix the problem.