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The Keys To a Quality Home Lighting System

When designing a living space many homeowners forget about one of the most important components of successful design: lighting. Lighting does more than make it easier to see, it also provides security, comfort and enhances the ambiance of living space. 

While overhead lighting is used to provide overall lighting, depending on how space will be used, additional lighting is often needed to draw attention to architectural details like niches and wall units. In addition, task lighting for dining, cooking or reading should be flexible and adaptable to different needs. For greater control over lighting, consider dimmer switches or app-enabled LED bulbs that provide control over light intensity as well as color temperature. 

Outside the home, safety and security are a top consideration. Motion sensors near entryways deter unwanted visitors while providing a safe, welcoming light source for guests. Lighting pathways, stairs, and landscape features create a safe passageway to the home. 

Looking for lighting ideas to improve the style and comfort of your home? Call Ostrom Electrical Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning Conditioning, we can help.