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Tuesday, 10 October 2017 17:09

Furnace Won't Turn On? Here's What To Check

Furnace RepairIt's the first freezing cold night of the year in the Roanoke area and you turn the thermostat up on your furnace... and nothing happens. No heat. Before calling for service there are a few things you can check yourself.
  1. Check the Power Supply - Even though your furnace may be gas powered, the ignitor, switches and blower motor require electricity to operate. Check the circuit breaker panel. If the circuit has tripped, switch it back to the ON position. If the circuit trips again, DO NOT RESET IT, this is a safety measure to prevent an electrical fire in the event of a malfunction. Call Ostorm to inspect the system and ensure that the electrical supply is working safely.
  2. Ensure the Thermostat Is Turned To the HEAT Position. You may also need to turn the temperature up a few extra degrees to get the furnace to turn on.
  3. Check the Furnace Condensate Pan (Drain Pan) - During normal operation water will drain from the air conditioner or furnace into a pan. If the drain for the pan is clogged the pan will fill up and trigger a float switch, preventing the operation of the air conditioner and furnace. If the float switch is up (activated), you will need to clear the obstruction to allow water to empty and then reset the switch.
  4. Check the Furnace Filter. An excessively dirty or clogged filter will make the furnace overheat, which will cause it to shut down as a safety precaution. Install a new filter to allow it to breathe easier.
  5. Check the Pilot Light. This only applies to older gas furnaces, since most newer units will have electric ignition. If your pilot light is out consult your owner's manual for the correct way to light the pilot.
  6. Check the Fuel Supply. If there are other gas appliances in the home, such a gas range or fireplace, check that they are functioning and that there isn't a problem with the fuel supply
If none of the above steps works and your furnace still won't turn on, call Ostrom to have the furnace checked.

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