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New Electrical Outlets, Switches and Dimmers

Roanoke Electrical Outlets

Installing New Outlets & Switches

Do you have extension cords running around chairs and under carpets? If so, it’s time for you to consider the convenience and safety of an outlet located where you need it! It’s easier than you think when you call the home service experts at Ostrom. We can help you find the best locations for new outlets and have them installed same day.

A more convenient switch means you’re not tripping through a dark house to turn on a light. We can install a new switch where you need it and connect it to an existing light or to an outlet so you can control a lamp.

Repairing Existing Outlets & Switches

Do you have an outlet that’s not working or maybe one where you have to wiggle the plug to get it to work? These are clear signs that something is not right inside your walls. It needs to be addressed right away by a highly qualified Electrician at Ostrom. We can determine what’s wrong and fix it in one visit.

If you have 2 pronged, non-grounded receptacle outlets in your home you should consider upgrading to 3-prong, grounded receptacle outlets. Not only are they safer, but they’re a means of protection for your electronic equipment because of the grounding.

Circuit Restoration

Switches, receptacles and breakers don’t last forever. Just as with any mechanical device they wear out. In many cases, the electrical connections become loose and create a problem called arcing. Arcing is a spark of electricity jumping from one connection to another. (Arcing is bad.) Arcing can be caused by aging electrical wiring, loose electrical connections or worn electrical components and can be a very serious fire hazard. We are recommending replacement of any device 25 years old or older. We call this a circuit restoration.


You can add a dimmer to any light in your home. Dimmers not only let you choose the level of light in the room they can also save you money on your energy bills. Did you know there are dimmers that gradually fade light up and down automatically? There are even some that can be controlled via your smart phone! Plus, every dimmer switch installed saves an average of 4% – 9% in electricity even at the highest lighting levels. The more you dim, the higher the savings. Ask the pros at Ostrom to set the right lighting mood in your home.
If you need more information about electrical upgrades give us a call. It’s Your Home, Trust Ostrom.

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