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Stop Making These Three Common HVAC Mistakes

It’s officially time for your air conditioner to shine! Temperatures are rising outside, leading to decreased temperatures inside. Though you may assume you’ll come home to a relaxed and comfortable, if you’re guilty of these HVAC mistakes, you could be walking into an unpleasant surprise. Stop doing the below to ensure your system works all summer long:

1. Ignoring Your Dirty Filters

Your filter plays a vital part in how your system performs and how clean your air quality all depends on how clean your filter is. When you don’t routinely clean or replace your filter (based on the manufacturer’s recommendations), they get bogged down with debris. This dirt, dust, and dander can force your system to work overtime to push clean air out, leading to energy waste. They also can not filter like they use to, making your air quality significantly worse than it would be with a newer, cleaner filter.

2. Missing Your Annual Tune-up

When you have your annual tune-up, your system is checked thoroughly inside and out for any minor or major issues. From loose parts too small leaks, you’ll be able to identify any of these little problems and fix them accordingly before they cause more wear and tear on your system.

When you skip your annual tune-up, you could be decreasing your system’s life, and you may even be voiding your warranty.

3. Keeping an Outdated System

We know that a new central air system is a significant investment, and for many homeowners, it might not be something they are willing or able to make at this time. However, it might save you money in the end. If your system has seen the better part of the decade and your energy and repair bills are always on the rise, an upgrade might be just what you need.

An outdated system that is at the end of its lifespan can take a lot more energy to cool your home than a newer model, leading to expensive energy bills and a warmer than usual home.

If you are considering getting an HVAC upgrade, Ostrom Electrical Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help. All our services come with upfront pricing and a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Contact us (540) 685-4040, today!

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