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3‌ ‌Signs‌ ‌You‌ ‌Have‌ ‌An‌ ‌Oversized‌ ‌AC‌ ‌

What’s the secret to lowering your utility bills? Energy efficiency. By implementing smart habits, practicing habitual maintenance, and staying up-to-date on your air conditioning system, your HVAC network efficiency can be boosted. However, there is one scenario where even the best HVAC habits won’t make an impact on your HVAC expenses: an oversized AC unit. How do you know if you are suffering from an oversized AC in your home?

Look for these 3 signs that your air conditioner is too large for your home:

Your Home Is Not Cooling Down

An air conditioning cycle refers to how long it takes for your AC to lower the temperature of your home to the set temperature on your thermostat. On average, this cooling period takes about 20 minutes. However, if your AC is too powerful for your space, it will shut down before your cooling needs are met. Your home will not remain cool for long, causing you to run consecutive cycles. This can cause your air conditioning system to encounter more wear and tear, reducing your systems’ lifespan.

Your Home Is Humid

Air conditioners naturally remove moisture from the air through condensation. However, this condensation process can only successfully occur when your AC completes a full cycle. When your AC is too big, it isn’t able to de-humidify your home properly. This can lead to worse problems than a bout of frizzy hair. Increased humidity can cause mold growth, which can cause serious health implications.

Your Energy Bills Are High

Homeowners with an oversized AC unit spend more on their monthly cooling bills because their systems require more energy to reduce their indoor temperatures, maintain those temperatures, and repair the wear and tear that occurs.

An oversized system is a liability for your home in multiple ways. In this case, bigger is not better—it’s actually much worse! If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, replace your unit with a proper fit today!

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