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A technician troubleshoots a heat pump

Common Heat Pump Problems

Heat pumps are a beneficial part of homes because they have the ability to heat and cool, efficiently, year-round. And when your heat pump begins to malfunction, there can be several common causes. That said, understanding the initial start of each problem is the best way to get the proper maintenance your unit needs so that you can continue to save money — especially during the winter.

Signs Your Heat Pump is Broken

Heat pumps have the power to circulate through the entire house but require less power than a furnace or heater — which can reduce an energy bill by up to 50%. Additionally, heat pumps regulate the electricity to keep cold air cooler and warm air warmer. That said, here are the top signs your heat pump isn’t functioning correctly.

1.Sudden Heat Loss

If your home doesn’t reach the temperature you’ve set it at, this can be a sign that your thermostat needs to be adjusted. Forgetting to turn the thermostat back on can cause the heat pump to blow cold. This can also occur when an older thermostat is replaced, as there can be wiring issues if installed improperly. If neither of those reasons is the issue, the circuit breaker may be the underlying reason.

2.Dirty Air Filters

Your heat may not be properly blowing if you have dirty filters, coils, or fans.Therefore, it is essential to change your air filters regularly to keep the unit’s compressor running well. In addition to checking your unit, shutting off the fan and cleaning it will make it run much more efficiently.

3.Improper Cycling

When the heating pump fan habitually turns on and off, it might indicate that the fan is overheating. Additionally, when the filter isn’t cleaned, the fan has to work overtime to circulate the air throughout the house, causing it to shut off.

If the problem persists outside of adjusting the thermostat or changing the batteries, having an HVAC professional check on the heat pump is the best decision.

Professional Heat Pump Repair in Roanoke

Having proper heating and cooling is important for your comfort and your health. Here at Ostrom Electrical Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning, we believe in doing our best to solve any of your heat pump problems. Be sure to contact us for any additional questions and to set up an appointment today.