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One person washes a dish while wearing pink gloves and another dries a different dish with a towel

Holiday Foods to Keep Away From Your Drains

Food is often one of the most important factors of the holiday season. After all the cooking and preparing, it's quite easy to throw the plates in the sink without paying mind to your drains. However, garbage disposal or not, there are a few different kinds of foods that should never go down the drain, and when they do, a significant clog may occur. Here are the most important foods to avoid:


We cook and bake with eggs very often, so you’re likely to have a few shells lying around. However, do not just toss these into the garbage disposal. The membrane inside can corrode the blades while the loose pieces of the shell can clog your pipes.

Stringy Vegetables

Vegetables such as asparagus, celery, and carrots are known to cause a number of problems. Their fibrous texture gets caught disposal blades and parts of your pipes. They will be hard to get rid of, so stick to the regular garbage can for them.


While it’s not specifically a “food,” it’s still in many dishes during the holidays. Gravy, bacon, and beef will all leave some leftover grease. While washing dishes, make sure no grease or fat is going down the drain. It turns to fat and hardens on the walls of your pipes. Try emptying leftover grease in jars or plastic bags. You can throw them directly into the trash after that.

Turkey Bones

Of course, you would never throw an entire rib bone down the drain, but there have been cases where people have smaller, leftover bones that they figure the disposal can handle. Hate to break it to you, but it can’t. Doing so will break the blades or clog up the drain. Throw out your turkey bones, to avoid hurting your pipes.

Fruit Pits

If you plan on baking a lot of desserts using fruits like apples or peaches, make sure the pit is left for the trash. Some cores are stronger than others, but an apple pit can still do a good amount of damage to the blades on your garbage disposal, and some cores may even get lodged in your pipes.

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