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What to Look For When Upgrading Your Home's Heating and Cooling System

If your home's central heating and cooling systems are getting old,  it’s time think about replacing your old, inefficient furnace or air conditioner, there are a few important things to consider when it comes to selecting a replacement system. 
  1. Reliability - A furnace or air conditioner is a major investment that you will depend on for years to come. By doing your research and selecting a brand with a proven track record you will reduce the likelihood of having problems down the road that could lead to unexpected repairs.
  2. Efficiency - Choosing an energy efficient air conditioner or furnace is easy. The EPA's EnergyStar rating system lists the predicted annual cost to operate the unit. Choosing a high-efficiency model you save you up to 30% on your annual heating and cooling costs. In addition, choosing a newer, variable speed system can increase efficiency while also reducing noise.
  3. Professional Installation - The most important day in the life of your air conditioner or furnace is the day it's installed. Correct sizing and installation is crucial for ensuring that the system operates as it was designed– quietly and efficiently. Choose a heating and cooling company with experience and one that stands behind their work, now and down the road.
  4. Air Quality - Have pets or smoke in the home? To reduce indoor pollution consider attaching a whole house air cleaner to your furnace or air handler. You can have peace of mind knowing your new system is capturing small contaminants that can cause health problems. Maintaining proper humidity levels is also important for maintaining healthy indoor air. If you experience excessive dryness in the winter or excess humidity in the summer, ask your technician about whole house dehumidifiers and humidifiers that work with your central heating and cooling system.
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