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How New Furnace Technology Is Improving Comfort and Efficiency

If your furnace is over ten years old, now may be the best time to upgrade to a new high-efficiency model. A furnace works by heating air inside a chamber then distributing warm air throughout the house through the air duct system. Cooler air is then returned to the furnace to complete the cycle. In the past, a furnace operated at one or two speeds. This meant it was running a full speed most of the time, which led to abrupt changes in air temperature and loud fan noise. Now there are more options.

Two-Stage Gas Furnaces

Traditionally, gas furnaces simply turned on and off, running a single fan speed to distribute heat. Later, as technology improved two-stage furnaces were developed to allow the furnace to operate at high speed when demand was greatest, and lower speeds when less heat was required. This improved comfort and save energy.

Three-Stage and Fully Modulating Gas Furnace Technology

Today, furnaces can deliver heat with an additional third fan stage or even fully variable speed, providing greater comfort and improved efficiency. Instead of stop-and-go heating of yesterday, today's furnaces are able to finesse the exact amount of heat needed to keep your home at the perfect temperature while operating quieter and using the lowest amount of fuel.

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