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Why Use a Water Softener?

Water softeners are designed to remove minerals from a home's water supply that can cause problems with plumbing fixtures, laundry, drinking water and more. Hard water contains excessive deposits of calcium and magnesium carbonates causing a range of problems, including: 
  • Spotting on dishes and cutlery
  • Streaking on shower doors and plumbing fixtures
  • Reduced effectiveness of laundry detergents and soaps
  • Faucets and shower heads that clog, reducing water flow
  • Clothes that look dull and feel less soft
  • Skin that feels drier and less clean
Today's home water softeners can solve all these problems cost-effectively with little maintenance. Have questions about whether a water softener can help in your home? Give Ostrom Electrical Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning Conditioning a call. Water treatment specialists will analyze your home's water and recommend solutions for a cleaner, better tasting water.