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Ostrom Electrical & PlumbingFor over 15 years we have used a simple approach in serving our clients. We put the best tools in the hands of the best people. Our electricians and plumbers are expertly trained professionals who can quickly diagnose the need, provide you with up front pricing, get the job done right the first time and thoroughly clean the work area.

For all electrical and plumbing services or repairs you can count on Ostrom Electrical & Plumbing for prompt, friendly and professional service. You can trust us - Roanoke's premier electrical and plumbing contractor. All work and your total satisfaction is guaranteed 100%.

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With the days becoming shorter, now is a good time to look at your home's electrical and lighting to ensure your family's safety and security.

1. Landscape and Security Lighting
As the days get shorter landscape lighting and motion detection lighting not only makes you home look more inviting, it increases security and safety by illuminating entryways and walkways.

2. Ceiling Fans Ceiling fans not only help keep your home cool in the summer, they can help your home feel warmer in the winter by circulating warm air from the ceiling down into the living space.

3. Upgrade Your Outlets When installing new outlets or upgrading your current outlets, consider the new safety and convenience features like built-in child proof covers and GFCIs (ground fault circuit interrupters) to prevent electrical shock.

4. Motorized & Remote Controlled Blinds If your home has many large windows, hard to reach windows, or skylights, remote controlled motorized blinds can offer convenience while increasing privacy and energy savings.

5. Dimmer Switches Dimmer switches offer complete control over lighting to reduce eye fatigue, save electricity and creating the right ambiance for your home.

For all your home plumbing and electrical needs, Ostrom Services is the only call you need to make.

Most water heater tanks are made of steel coated with a layer of glass. Eventually, this protective lining will crack and deteriorate, leaving the tank susceptible to rust. To reduce corrosion a metal "anode rod" is used to increase the life of the tank. The anode rod is a magnesium or aluminum rod covering a steel core. The rod is screwed into the top of the tank and suspended in the water. An electrochemical process causes the exposed steel of the rod to react with the corrosive elements in the water. By causing a primary corrosive reaction inside the tank the rod sacrifices itself to help protect the steel tank from corrosion, greatly extending it's life.

Inspecting and Replacing the Anode Rod

One of the most important plumbing maintenance task is to ensure the anode rod has not corroded out inside inside the tank. The rod can be accessed from the top of the water heater by unscrewing it and sliding it out. If the rod has significantly corroded it should be replaced with a new rod. Replacing a worn out rod is far less expensive then replacing an entire rusted out water heater!

Need help checking your water heater anode rod? Call Ostrom Services. We're here to help.


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